Entry #4


2013-08-12 07:56:58 by Waiise

So I haven't been active for a while despite checking Newgrounds regularly to get my flash animation and game fill. Since it's almost 5 years since I last posted anything here, I decided it's about time I change things up a bit. So below is a summary of me and what I do.

What do you do?:
I'm a game artist and I dabble in both 2D and 3D. I really enjoy doing pixel art and hope to develop my skills there further, but that goes for 3D and "regular" drawing as well.

Going to post anything on Newgrounds?:
Probably, although it will mostly be in the form of art and maybe a tutorial here and there.

Hot tip: If you want a good laugh, have a look at my old tutorials, just keep in mind that they are incredibly out of date.

What have you done?:
I'm not a published game artist yet, but I have created several games through university projects, game jams and contests. Nothing TOO exciting, but hey, it's a start.


So that's it, hopefully I'll post some things here over time. At least I updated my avatar and user icon, so that's something.

Website: www.helgemonster.com
Deviantart: LarsHelgemo
Twitter: @Helgemonster
Facebook: facebook.com/Helgemonster


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